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Cenera, 1100, 1015 - 4 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 1J4, Canada

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Cenera provided excellent career transition services. The courses were very helpful esp. SYOB, financial planning, and resume building. My career advisor provided excellent and timely service with my resume and cover letter. Your Administrator provided excellent and friendly administrative support and created highly functional business cards. My overall experience with Cenera greatly surpassed my expectations. I am grateful for the help."

"I have worked with Cenera on several engagements and each time their services exceeded my expectations. The people at Cenera are personable and always available, even on short notice, and we appreciate it. Critical feedback has been received well and addressed quickly. Cenera not only listens well, they are on the leading edge and have provided clients with critical information helping us be ready for the future; thus gaining a competitive advantage. Over the past several years I have worked in senior management roles in both the private and public sectors and Cenera has proven effective, no matter what industry I have been in."

"Our relationship with Cenera stretches back almost ten years. Our original involvement started with the provision of career transition services. As Cenera grew and expanded their services our relationship continued to grow as well. Today we use their professionals in the areas of HR consulting, coaching, privacy management, recruitment and training. What has made the relationship so successful over the years is their focus on developing a strong customer relationship, in other words, getting to know and understand the customer's needs and adapting their programs and services to fit the organizations culture; rather than a prescriptive approach. Cenera consultants are very insightful, collaborative and pragmatic in their business solutions. The back bone of their success to date, with us, is their top notch customer service delivered by an experienced, adaptive and professional staff."